Average Trap (Hex) Bar Dimensions

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To figure out whether you can use and store a trap or hex bar, knowing the average and specific dimensions is useful.

I looked at 21 different trap/hex brand models for this article.

These had average trap (hex) bar dimensions of 24.43″ (62.05 cm) of space between the handles, 24.9″ (63.25 cm) of space between the bars in front of you and behind you, 62.40″ (158.5 cm) in total length, and 11.07″ (28.12 cm) of sleeve length.

As you can expect, individual brands of specialty barbells like this can still vary a lot.

It can be worth checking out the dimensions of all these trap bars in the table later in the article.

What are the dimensions of trap (hex) bars?

When it comes to general ranges, the distance between trap bar handles tends to be between 20″ and 25″ (50.8 cm to 63.5 cm)

That being said, in the list of 21 trap bars, there are still 4 exceptions to this.

One of these, the CAP Barbell Super Trap Bar, has a distance of 38.83″ (98.63 cm) between the handles.

When it comes to the width of the grip section, the amount of room between the bars in front and behind you, most options are between 21″ and 30″ (53.34 – 76.2 cm) or extremely close to that.

Next, the total length of trap bars for many models is around 56″ (142.24 cm). In this area, models can vary a lot.

For example, there is the CAPHAUS Trap Bar with a length of 50.4″ (128.02 cm).

On the other side is the ROGUE TB-1 TRAP BAR 2.0 with a total length of 89″ (226.06 cm).

In terms of sleeve length, how much room the bar has for extra weight plates, the dimensions tend to be around 9″ – 10″ (22.86 – 25.4 cm).

There are only 3 options that are more than 1.5″ outside of this range.

Chart of trap (hex) bar models and their dimensions

As mentioned, the average dimensions of the hex bars on this list are 24.43″ (62.05 cm) of room between the handles, 24.9″ (63.25 cm) of the grip section width, 62.40″ (158.5 cm) in total length, and 11.07″ (28.12 cm) of sleeve length.

Additionally, the median dimensions of the same trap bars are 24.01″ (60.99 cm) of room between the handles, 24.06″ (61.11 cm) of the grip section width, 56.1″ (142.49 cm) in total length, and 10″ (25.4 cm) of sleeve length.

Knowing details like the distance between handles, the width of the grip section, and sleeve length matter for your personal body size and strength capacities.

In turn, the dimensions are relevant if you want to get the trap and hex bar benefits to the largest extent.

Additionally, knowing the weight of the trap and hex bars can be helpful to use the optimal number of weight plates for your strength level.

Lastly, the dimensions in the chart below are only in inches. 1 inch is 2.54 cm.

Brand ModelDistance Between
Width Grip
CAP Barbell Hex Bar 12929519.50
CAP Barbell Hex Bar 22524.6155.719
Titan Fitness24.522.75569.75
Titan Fitness Hex Trap Bar V22228.5085.516
HulkFit Open Back24.4126.57 (+ Open Back)83.2721.65
CAP Barbell Super Trap Bar35.8331.2963.7710
Valor Fitness2225.006510.25
CAP Barbell Hex Bar 325.0024.6155.719
DAY1 FITNESS24.5023.0055.259.75
ROGUE TB-1 TRAP BAR 2.02528.58916
Sunny Health & Fitness22.50?869.5
Table with trap (hex) bar dimensions
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