Average Treadmill Weight Limit (From 59 Examples)

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Treadmills can be great but you have to respect their limits. Discover what some of the typical and specific weight limits of treadmills are.

Of the 59 treadmill model examples I looked at, the average weight limit is 309.32 pounds (140.28 kg). The median weight of these same treadmills is 300 pounds (136.05 kg).

One thing to keep in mind is that this varies from brand to brand. There are for example a good amount of treadmills on the list that have a weight limit of 400 pounds (181.41 kg).

Additionally, there are treadmills with a weight limit of only 220 pounds (99.77 kg).

Besides that, there are commercial treadmills with even higher weight limits.

The rest of this article also contains an easy-to-understand graph to see what weight limits are the most common, why you want to respect the weight limits of treadmills, and a table with the treadmill models and where to find them online.

Distribution of popular treadmill weight limits

Reasons to respect treadmill weight limits

Since brands sometimes play it a bit safe when it comes to the weight limits they display, you may wonder if it is alright to be flexible about your choices in this area.

These weight limits may not always be as specific that going 5 pounds over the number instantly breaks them. However, there are still good reasons to not ignore this treadmill fact.

It is typically smart to invest the extra amount in treadmills with weight limits that are high enough.

Treadmill warranty void

Treadmills are a good investment which means brands often offer warranties. These can protect customers from faulty products and make things right when there are unexpected defects.

An important thing to keep in mind about these warranties is that they typically include conditions like “if used as intended”.

One of the details of this condition is that you should not go over the treadmill weight limit mentioned.

In turn, going over this number would likely void your warranty. Potentially even in cases where this does not have anything to do with the specific defect.

Treadmill breaking

Treadmill weight limits are the result of the materials, parts, and construction that were used.

In turn, putting your machine under too much pressure could actually break some of these parts. Even if it is not the frame but some bolt this could make your treadmill unusable.

Additionally, if the timing of this breaking is suboptimal it could even lead to accidents with negative consequences.

Treadmill could not work as desired

Another detail that influences what weight limit treadmill brands choose is the motor power and incline setting adjuster.

If your treadmill does not have enough power for the pressure you put on it, you may not be able to get to the displayed speeds or at least get to these more slowly.

Additionally, the treadmill motor could simply break down similar to other components.

Lastly, some treadmills allow you to change the angle of the running deck at the push of a button. The machine adjusting this height may only be able to deal with a certain amount of pressure.

Faster treadmill wear and tear

This next reason mostly applies to different models from the same brands since different brands can still vary a lot in this area, even with the same weight limit.

That being said, lower treadmill weight limits will sometimes involve faster wear and tear. Especially if you go over these numbers.

Investing a bit more in your treadmill initially could help you avoid having to replace your treadmill early due to fast wear and tear.

Table with treadmill models and their weight limit

Lastly, you may want to know about what specific treadmill models have low or high weight limits and what options you have in certain ranges.

In the table below, you can find the weight limits of a variety of treadmill brands and models.

You can click the brand names to discover where you can get these machines.

BrandTreadmill ModelWeight Limit in PoundsWeight Limit in Kilograms
NordictrackT 6.5 S300136.05
T 6.5 Si300136.05
T 7.5 S300136.05
T 8.5 S300136.05
T 9.5 S300136.05
Commercial 1750 treadmill300136.05
Commercial 2450 treadmill300136.05
Commercial 2950 treadmill300136.05
ProFormCity L6300136.05
CST 505300136.05
Carbon T7300136.05
Carbon T10300136.05
Pro 2000300136.05
Pro 9000300136.05
Sole FitnessF80375170.07
WesloCadence G 5.9275124.72
Cadence G 5.9i275124.72
Crosswalk 5.2T250113.38
Schwinn810 Treadmill275124.72
830 Treadmill300136.05
870 Treadmill300136.05
PrecorTRM 211 Energy Series300136.05
TRM 835400181.41
ANCHEER3.25HP Treadmill300136.05
Sunny Health & FitnessSF-T1407M22099.77
BowflexT7 Treadmill350158.73
T10 Treadmill350158.73
T22 Treadmill400181.41
Life FitnessT3 Treadmill350158.73
T5 Treadmill400181.41
3GCardio 80i325147.39
Cardio Lite300136.05
Cardio Pro350158.73
Cardio Elite400181.41
Table with treadmill models and their weight limit
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