TrueForm Runner Vs Trainer: Choose Right

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The TrueForm Runner and TrueForm Trainer are two high-quality manual treadmills. Discover the differences and which one is the best choice for you.

The main differences between the TrueForm Runner and Trainer are that the TrueForm Runner has a heavier-duty frame, has longer warranties, is made in the USA, and has a customizable running surface at an extra investment.

On the other hand, the TrueForm Trainer has a lighter weight, has a heart rate measurement on the monitor (with a separate Bluetooth measurement device you have to get yourself), and is a lot more budget-friendly.

If you are looking for a strong manual treadmill to use at home, the TrueForm Trainer is likely more than good enough for you. Choosing this option can save you a lot of money.

On the other hand, if your treadmill will get a lot of heavy use from you and other people, you want one of the non-standard running surfaces, you want the longer warranties, and/or you value USA-made equipment, it can be worth investing more into the TrueForm Runner.

Personal preference for the belt weight and heart rate training varies from individual to individual.

This article will also go over some of the more detailed differences and common features. You will also get a better idea of how much the differences matter for what people and in what situations.

Most important differences TrueForm Runner vs Trainer

The TrueForm Runner and Trainer are two manual treadmills from the same brand but they vary in many areas. This influences which of the two is the best choice for you.

Not all of these differences will influence your decision to the same extent. In the first table below, you can find an overview of the most important things.

FeatureTrueForm RunnerTrueForm Trainer
Weight Limit500 Pounds (226 kg)400 Pounds (181 kg)
Overall Sturdiness &
Material Quality
Very Heavy DutyVery Solid But Less So
General Tread
“Feels Heavier Underfoot, It’s Quieter.
It’s Very Sensitive”
Running Surface
Yes, 4 Additional OptionsNo
MonitorLimited Battery LCD Screen With Pace,
Speed, Distance, And Time
Limited Battery LCD Screen With Pace,
Speed, Distance, Time, And Heart Rate
(Bluetooth Measuring Device Not Included)
Warranties*Lifetime Frame Warranty, 10 Years Tread And
Tread Mechanisms Warranty, 2 Years LED
Display Warranty, 1 Year Labor Warranty
5 Years Frame, Parts, And Components
Warranty, 1 Year Labor Warranty
Cover MaterialAluminium Metal CoverPlastic Cover
Made In
Check Current PriceCheck Current Price
Most important differences TrueForm Runner vs Trainer

*Warranties can vary from seller to seller

**Price difference at the time of writing

Other features TrueForm Runner and Trainer

Additionally, there are some smaller differences and common features between the Trueform Runner and Trainer. These can help make material experts a better choice and give you a better overview of what you will get.

FeatureTrueForm RunnerTrueForm Trainer
Running Surface54″ x 17″54″ x 17″
Dimensions64” L x 36” W x 57” H64” L x 31” W x 63” H
Weight325 Pounds (147.4 kg)280 Pounds (127 kg)
Transport WheelsYes, RubberYes, Hard Plastic
Small Height AdjustersYesYes
Location Monitor BatteryAt The Bottom Of
The Treadmill
Behind The Screen
Frame7 Gauge Steel
Formed & Welded
Number Of Bearings106 Sealed Steel
Ball Bearings
112 Sealed Steel
Ball Bearings
Tread (Belt)
Surface Material
Bonded Kraiburg ThermolastMolded Thermoplastic Elastomer
PulleysTooled Solid AluminumInjection Molded Polymer
Heart Rate MonitorNoDisplay On Screen With Your
Own Bluetooth Measuring Device
Check Current PriceCheck Current Price
Other features TrueForm Runner vs Trainer

Differences TrueForm Runner vs Trainer explained

If you know what you want in a manual treadmill, the overview of the differences between the TrueForm Runner and the TrueForm Trainer and a quick look at the prices could be enough to help you make a choice.

On the other hand, you may be unsure about all the consequences of these differences and to what extent each one should influence your decision.

Below you can find some of the most important features explained in more detail, why they are important, and for what types of people they matter.

Overall sturdiness and weight limit

The TrueForm Runner and Trainer are both manual treadmill designs with the same curves. However, the materials used are different which influences things like sturdiness and weight limit.

One way to put this difference in sturdiness into precise numbers is the weight limit. The TrueForm Runner has a weight limit of 500 pounds (226 kg), the TrueForm Trainer has a weight limit of 400 pounds (181 kg).

This sturdiness and the weight limit are not only important to know how heavy the users can be. They also give an idea of how the treadmills compare in durability with heavy use.

As you can see, the TrueForm Trainer is still a very solid manual treadmill but just a bit less than the TrueForm Runner.

For an at-home situation, the TrueForm Trainer should be more than good enough in this area for most people. In a commercial situation, it may be worth investing a bit more into the TrueForm Runner to play it safe.

Winner: TrueForm Runner

General tread feeling

Next, the materials used to make the treadmill belts of the TrueForm Runner and Trainer are different. This leads to a slightly different running feel when it comes to speed and bounce.

TrueForm describes the Runner as “”feels heavier underfoot, it’s quieter. It’s very sensitive”. Getting up to speed may require just a bit more time and effort. Additionally, you may lose speed more slowly.

On the other hand, TrueForm simply gives the Runner the description “lighter”. You can expect the opposite of the things mentioned above.

That being said, these differences should not be that big either since these manual treadmills are still very similar.

Additionally, keep in mind that the TrueForm Runner also has different running surface options. These will vary in terms of texture.

Winner: Personal preference

Customizable running surface

As quickly mentioned before, you can get the TrueForm Runner with different running surfaces. The Trainer currently does not have this customization option.

The different belts include the regular one, red track, blue track, green turf, and Naboso (barefoot only). These vary in textures and colors which may suit your preferences and training goals more.

One thing to keep in mind is that these other belts require an extra investment.

Winner: TrueForm Runner

Green Turf TrueForm Runner
Product image from Rogue Fitness


Similar to most treadmills, the manual ones from TrueForm also come with a monitor to show certain training measurements.

One thing to note first is that the monitors of the TrueForm treadmills are rather basic. They can be more than enough but it is something to keep in mind.

That being said, interestingly enough the TrueForm Trainer is more advanced in this area than the TrueForm Runner.

Both models have a LED display that shows you things like pace, speed, distance, and time. The TrueForm Trainer also adds the option to connect a heart rate monitor through Bluetooth and to show this number on the screen.

This is helpful because conveying the intensity of certain intervals is often done through the percentage of maximum heart rate you are currently at.

The extra measurement can increase the effectiveness of your workouts and help you make sure you are pushing yourself enough and not too much.

You can still do this on the TrueForm Runner with 3rd party devices but having the number in front of you on a LED screen can be a helpful feature of the TrueForm Trainer.

Winner: TrueForm Trainer

TrueForm Trainer Monitor
Product image from Rogue Fitness


The warranties are how long TrueForm is willing to replace certain parts if they break down during normal use. As you can expect from the different materials used, the warranties of the Runner and Trainer are also different.

More specifically, the TrueForm Runner has a lifetime frame warranty, 10 years tread and tread mechanisms warranty, 2 years LED display warranty, and 1 year labor warranty.

The TrueForm Trainer has 5 years frame, parts and components warranty, and 1 year labor warranty. This is a relatively big difference.

Warranties do not tell the whole story but it is some indication of how much a brand stands behind the quality of its products.

Additionally, if something does go wrong in the time frame, the warranties can save you a nice amount of money.

How important the longer warranties of the TrueForm Trainer are to you depends on things like how long you plan to use the treadmill and how risk tolerant you are.

Winner: TrueForm Runner


With exception of the personal preference of the tread feeling, monitor features, and total weight, the TrueForm Runner tends to be better in features.

However, what treadmill is the right model for you also depends on its price.

The exact price difference between the TrueForm Runner and Trainer depends on where you buy your treadmill and over time. That being said, at the time of writing the TrueForm Trainer is a lot more budget-friendly.

Most people at home will find the Trainer more than sturdy enough for their training goals.

If you want the USA-made TrueForm Runner with its sturdier frame, longer warranties, slightly different feel, and customizable running belt, you will have to invest a good amount more.

Winner: TrueForm Trainer

User reviews

When choosing between two models of the same brand, looking at the features and prices is often good enough to get an idea of which option is the best for you.

At the same time, customer reviews sometimes uncover unexpected downsides and quality control issues. In the case of the TrueForm Runner vs Trainer, customers tend to be extremely happy with both options.

That being said, there are just a few more cases of issues with the TrueForm Trainer. These exceptional situations include some noise due to a faulty part.

Overall, customers are really happy with both TrueForm treadmills. There are a lot of mentions about the treadmills helping with running form and offering smooth workouts.

Is the TrueForm Runner or Trainer better for you?

In short, the TrueForm Runner is sturdier, has longer warranties, is made in the USA, and has a customizable running surface (at an extra cost).

On the flip side, the TrueForm Trainer is lighter in terms of weight and material, has a heart rate monitor function (with a separate Bluetooth heart ratio monitor that is not included), and is a lot more budget-friendly.

Most individuals at home will find the TrueForm Trainer more than sturdy and comfortable enough for their training goals. Choosing this option can save a lot of money.

That being said, if your treadmill will get a lot of heavy use (for example in a commercial setting), you prefer one of the non-standard running surfaces, you want longer warranties, you value getting equipment made in the USA, and you have the budget for it, the TrueForm Runner could be worth the extra investment.

Whether you prefer the slightly heavier belt of the Runner or the lighter belt of the Trainer is mostly a case of personal preference.

You may also value the heart rate training that is conveniently possible with the TrueForm Trainer.

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