10 Of The Best Walking Accessories Ideas

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Walking can be a fun way to get a variety of health benefits. Find out what accessories can make your walking sessions even better.

Walking is not just a part of daily life. You can also do it outside and inside to get a variety of health benefits and hopefully enjoy yourself at the same time.

In essence a simple walk does not always require that much equipment. This can change depending on the weather, what distance you plan to walk, where you want to walk, and other factors. In some cases, certain walking accessories are a must.

And even if you don’t need certain pieces of equipment, certain walking accessories can just make your walks more comfortable or enjoyable.

1. Trekking poles

Trekking poles are sturdy sticks with handles that can improve your walking sessions in a few ways. First of all, this walking accessory can take some weight off your ankles, knees, and shoulders.

Depending on your personal situation, how long you will walk, whether you have a heavy backpack, etc. this can be helpful.

Trekking poles can also offer you some extra balance. On a surface like a flat street, this will not matter that much but on a steep muddy path after some rain, trekking poles can make a big difference.

When using trekking poles for walking make sure you adjust them to a height that is comfortable to you and suited for the walking surface. Before a long walk it may be smart too to make sure the trekking poles are comfortable to you.

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2. Walking hydration accessories

For a relatively short walk in spring weather having some water with you can be a nice convenience. In warmer weather and longer walks a walking hydration accessory may be essential.

In any case, there are many ways to carry water while walking. Which one is the best depends on a variety of factors.

For example if you are going for just a short walk, you can hold a simple plastic water bottle. Possibly with a belt clip so you don’t have to carry it in your hands all the way. There are walking flasks that you can put in your pocket when empty as well.

For slightly warmer weather and longer walks you can use a hydration belt. This walking accessory can usually carry a few bottles which makes it so your water capacity is higher compared to a single bottle.

Next in terms of capacity is a simple walking backpack. This allows you to bring more and bigger water bottles. The downside of this option is that it is not always comfortable.

For something more comfortable and with more capacity you can go for a hydration backpack. These are backpacks with a relatively big water bag with a tube to drink hands free while walking.

As you can see, there are many different options to choose from when it comes to walking hydration accessories.

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3. Headlamp

Walking when the sun is out is a great way to combine physical activity with your daily dose of sunshine. Even so, you may also want to walk when it is darker, for example during the winter months when the sunset is relatively early.

To do this you may need or benefit from a good outdoor headlamp. This can help you light the path in front of your feet and potentially branches at head height. In turn, this walking accessory can help you avoid stumbling, falling, or scratches.

A headlamp also makes you more visible to other road users. However, if this is an issue where you plan to walk, you may also benefit from some reflective gear.

Make sure your headlamp of choice is waterproof if you plan to walk in the rain with it.

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4. Waist bag

You may want to carry things like keys, a phone, snacks, a music player, and other compact things with you while walking.

Instead of trying to hold all these things in your hands and possibly dropping them somewhere on a trail, you can get a walking waist bag. This is simply a belt with compartments that is suitable for walking.

If you already have a good backpack or pants with closeable bags you may not need an extra waist bag for only a few things. In other situations where you also want to carry water bottles and slightly bigger things, a waist bag can certainly be convenient.

A benefit of this walking accessory is that it is relatively inexpensive. Additionally, you can use a waist bag in many other situations besides your daily walk.

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5. Walking hat

Having a good hat while walking can be no unnecessary luxury. In sunny weather, it can protect your face and eyes from the sun. In rainy weather, it can stop the rain from dripping into your eyes.

Before going for a long walk with a new hat you want to make sure it fits comfortably. To do this you can use it in a few smaller test walks in different weather conditions.

Similar to a waist bag, a good walking hat is relatively inexpensive. Especially compared to all the discomfort it can help you avoid.

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6. Reflective gear

When walking in certain areas you will encounter many types of other road users. On roads where there are a lot of cars, you want to make sure you are easily seen, especially in misty and rainy weather conditions.

To do this there are many different types of reflective walking gear. You can go for things from simple wrist bands to a complete reflective vest. If you go with some of the smaller options make sure they do not get tucked away too much while walking.

Similar to many of the other walking accessories on this list, reflective gear is relatively inexpensive. Particularly because it can help you avoid traffic accidents.

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7. Fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are small devices that are often worn on your wrist that can give you more insight into your walking sessions.

They can help with a variety of things like helping you adjust your pace, measuring your progress, counting your steps, measuring the distance you walk, measuring your heartbeat, and simply telling you what time it is.

Fitness trackers are not a must-have piece of walking accessory but they can definitely benefit the effectiveness of your walking sessions and your motivation to go for a walk.

You can also find fitness trackers under $100 but one potential downside of this walking accessory is that some models do have a steep price tag.

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8. Backpack

As you get more handy walking accessories or bring more water, snacks, and other gear, simple small waist bags may become lacking in capacity. At this point, you can go for an actual backpack.

This can go from a simple backpack if you want to walk for a few hours, to a big backpack with enough room for things like a sleeping pad if you camping. Some models include a previous walking accessory, room for hydration.

In any case, a backpack can help you out a lot during your walks for a relatively small investment. Make sure you choose a model that is right for you when it comes to things like comfort, capacity, weather conditions, etc.

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9. Thermos

A thermos is a type of container that can keep the contents warm or cold. Depending on your walking conditions this can mean a hot or cold beverage or a hot or cold meal.

In both warm and cold situations, food or a drink of the opposite end of the temperature spectrum can be extremely pleasant.

While thermos bottles and food containers require a slightly higher investment compared to their regular versions, it can definitely be worth it to these walking accessories to your equipment kit.

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10. Weighted vest

A weighted vest is basically its name, a vest with extra weight to make your exercises harder. By wearing a weighted vest while walking, you can get more of the health benefits in a shorter amount of time.

This walking accessory is an even better option for walking with weights than wrist or ankle weights. These last two options can influence your gait while a weighted vest uses a more natural weight distribution.

Another benefit of a weighted vest is that you could also use it in strength training exercises if that is something you want to consider.

A potential downside of this option is that a good weighted vest for walking tends to be slightly pricier compared to many of the other options on this list.

Another thing is that if you already walk with a heavy backpack, you likely don’t want to add a weighted vest on top of that.

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