7 Ways To Carry Your Phone When Running

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Having your phone with you when running can be helpful for many reasons. The question is where can you put your phone in a convenient way?

Running without a phone is certainly possible but having a phone with you can offer you certain benefits including navigation, fitness tracking, music, and emergency communication.

The thing is that many people struggle to find ways to carry stuff like their phone in a comfortable way that doesn’t hinder their running session.

Luckily there are relatively inexpensive ways you can solve this problem. Below you can find 7 convenient places to put your phone when running with their pros and cons.

Keep in mind that most of these storage options are not waterproof. If you plan on running in the rain it may be smart to combine the equipment below with waterproof storage bags.

Running belt

The first option to carry your phone while running is arguably the most convenient option on this list. Running belts are made specifically for the problem of carrying your stuff when exercising.

You can combine this piece of running equipment with any workout clothes you have and besides your phone, you can also store objects like your keys in a way that doesn’t bounce when running.

You do want to make sure the size adjustment is in the perfect range to avoid chafing and bouncing.

One downside is that you have to take a few steps before you can see your phone screen. If you plan on using your phone for running navigation this equipment may not be the best choice for you.

Shorts with bounce-proof pockets

The next way you can carry your phone with you is by investing in certain types of running shorts. You don’t just want any pair of running shorts. If the bags are too big and loose your phone bounces when running which makes the running experience a lot more unpleasant.

Instead, if you like to run with your phone it may be worth it to search for shorts that are suited for this goal. Make sure the pockets of the shorts you choose are big enough to fit your phone.

There are some potential downsides to this option. First of all, it’s possible that your phone gets sweaty. You also again have to take some steps before you can look at your phone screen. Lastly, you may prefer the comfort of other running shorts.

Arm strap

The next tool to carry your phone when running is one of the most popular ones. Chances are you have seen people running with their phone strapped to their arm at least once.

Arms straps are generally inexpensive and depending on where you strap them you can still easily see and use your phone screen.

You do want to pay extra attention to the size of arms straps you consider investing in. If they are not a good fit you will experience bouncing and chafing. You also only put extra weight on one side of your body which may influence your running.

Running vest with a phone pocket

The next piece of running equipment can help you with a few different things. A running vest can offer you phone storage and reflective straps. At higher price points you can get a running vest that also includes water storage.

One thing with running vests is that it is not always convenient to reach your phone during your workout. They also require a bigger investment than most of the other options on this list.

Running shirts with pockets

Most running shirts don’t have any pockets but there are tank tops and shirts with pockets suited for running with your phone.

Clothes like this can be an especially great option if you plan to do short runs on a hot day.

A few potential downsides are that a phone in a shirt pocket may bounce more compared to other pieces of equipment like running belts and arm straps. You also have to take a few steps before you can take a look at your phone screen. Other shirts you have without pockets may also be more comfortable for running.

Sports bra with phone pocket

This last option for storing your phone is for women only. This may be a good option when it is warm outside.

Some downsides of a sports bra with a phone pocket are that your phone is in a hard-to-reach place and that it may be a challenge to find a comfortable size. It is also likely that your phone will get sweaty.

In your hands

The next option is not just carrying your bare phone in your hands, that’s something everyone can think of.

There are straps for your smartphone the decrease the risk of you dropping it while running. It also just makes carrying your phone while running more convenient.

Besides simple straps, there is also a piece of equipment that is a combination between a handheld water bottle and phone storage. This can be an option if you want to carry water and your phone while running.

There are some disadvantages to this option including that you can still drop your phone and that only one arm carries extra weight which may lead to a slight imbalance.

Potential alternative

Depending on what you plan to use your phone for when running you may also benefit from investing in a fitness tracker.

Fitness trackers often have features like GPS, heart rate monitor, they are often waterproof, and they are a more convenient size for running. These devices do require an extra investment but you can find great fitness trackers under $100.

This last option is not for everyone but it may be a good piece of equipment for your workout goals.

As you can see there are plenty of ways you can carry your phone and other stuff like your keys when running. If you run regularly with extra baggage these pieces of equipment can be a great investment.

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