Average Workout Sled Weight (Prowler & Speed)

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To make sure you don’t make your workouts too hard, knowing the prowler and speed workout sled weights is useful.

From a high-level view, workout sleds are steel frames that can be loaded with extra weights.

In practice, there are two main types of these.

On the one hand, there are prowler sleds which are bigger steel frames that can be both pushed and pulled.

The average weight of the 9 prowler push pull workout sleds on our list is 64.6 pounds (29.30 kg). These sleds also have a median weight of 65 pounds (29.48 kg).

There are also speed sleds which are smaller sleds that can not be pushed and require a pulling harness.

The 7 smaller speed training workout sleds in this article have an average weight of 18.41 pounds (8.35 kg) and a median weight of 15 pounds (6.8 kg).

All of these numbers are mostly relevant in terms of being able to start at a low weight.

To increase the challenge, you can easily stack weight plates on top of the workout sleds.

I will also go over the lowest and highest weights of both workout sled types, their weight capacities, and the individual weights of the models.

How much do workout sleds weigh?

Because the two types of workout sleds are so different, a general average weight would not give that much information.

While they are somewhat more useful, even the averages below are not always enough with how much individual models can vary.

How much do prowler workout sleds weigh?

Prowler sleds are the models most people have in mind when talking about the sled push exercise.

The worthwhile mentions in this table include Rogue with the heaviest prowler sled at 103 pounds.

Additionally, wolltex and OneFitWonder offer the lightest prowler sleds at 33 pounds.

Valor Fitness stands out for its prowler sled with a weight capacity of 600 lbs (272.11 kg).

Besides that, the average weight of the prowler sleds on this list is 64.6 pounds (29.30 kg) and the median weight is 65 pounds (29.48 kg).

To do your prowler sled workouts optimally, it can also be helpful to search for the weight of the model you have available in the table below.

BrandWeight in LbsWeight in KgCapacity in LbsCapacity in Kg
Happybuy K3133.550.34500226.76
Happybuy HRRK09A50.723.00500226.76
Valor Fitness7232.65600272.11
ROGUE DOG SLED 1.210346.71??
ROGUE ECHO DOG SLED8739.46450204.08
ROGUE SLICE SLED6529.48300136.05
Table with push pull prowler sleds weights and weight capacities

How much do pull-only workout sleds weigh?

Next, there are workout sleds more focused on speed training. These come with a harness to pull the sled since pushing is often not an option.

The worthwhile mentions in this table include Titan Fitness with the heaviest speed sled at 37 pounds.

Titan Fitness also claims this sled has a 500 lbs (226.76 kg) weight capacity.

Additionally, Bluedot Trading offers the lightest speed sled at 7 pounds.

Besides that, the average weight of the speed workout sleds on this list is 18.41 pounds (8.35 kg) and the median weight is 15 pounds (6.8 kg).

BrandWeight in LbsWeight in KgCapacity in LbsCapacity in Kg
Rage Fitness156.809040.82
Bluedot Trading73.17??
Titan Fitness3716.78500226.76
Titan Fitness Low Bar3616.33??
Table with pull-only speed workout sleds weights and weight capacities
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