Average Workout Sled Dimensions (Prowler & Speed)

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Workout sleds offer powerful workouts but you need to be able to use and store them. Discover the typical workout sled dimensions.

The first thing to note is that there are two main types of workout weight sleds.

First is the bigger prowler sled which you can both push and pull. Secondly, there are the smaller pull-only sleds.

The 11 prowler workout sleds in this article have average dimensions of 40.5″ (202.87 cm) in length, 27.36″ (69.49 cm) in width, and 37.99″ (96.5 cm) in height.

Additionally, of the 8 smaller speed sleds I looked at, the average dimensions were 24.45″ (62.1 cm) in length, 16.38″ (41.61 cm) in width, and 9.92″ (25.2 cm) in height.

Keep in mind that you also need room to use the workout sleds. At the end of the article, you can find some general guidelines for this.

Workout sled dimensions

Since the two main types of workout sleds vary so much in terms of dimensions, it is worth mentioning the averages and medians of both of these.

Even within the categories themselves, the individual brands and models can vary a lot.

Prowler workout sled dimensions

Prowler workout sleds do not only tend to be heavier than speed sleds. They also have a bigger frame.

The length of prowler workout sleds, distance from front to back, tends to be around 38″ to 44″ (96.52 cm to 111.76 cm).

Of the models below, the average length is 40.5″ (202.87 cm).

There are a few small exceptions to this range on the list but often these are not that far away from the range.

One exception to these exceptions is the ROGUE SLICE SLED with a length of 27.5″ (69.85 cm).

When it comes to the width of prowler workout sleds, the distance from side to side, most options are between 24″ and 31″ (60.96 – 78.74 cm).

Even the small Rogue sled is not that much narrower than this.

Additionally, the average width of the prowler workout sleds on this list is 27.36″ (69.49 cm).

Next, the height of prowler workout sleds is between 35″ and 40″ (88.9 – 101.6 cm) for most models.

This is usually to how high the pushing poles of the prowler sleds come. The average height of this list is 37.99″ (96.5 cm).

Lastly, the median dimensions of the prowler workout sleds on this list are 40″ (101.6 cm) in length, 28″ (71.12 cm) in width, and 38.5″ (97.79 cm) in height.

Brand ModelLength (In)Width (In)Height (In)
Happybuy K31402439.5
Happybuy HRRK09A43.530.435.7
Valor Fitness452740
Body-Solid GWS100503140
ROGUE DOG SLED 1.2402439.5
ROGUE SLICE SLED27.522.7537.25
Table with prowler workout sled dimensions

Speed workout sled dimensions

Besides their different training usage, speed workout sleds also vary a good amount in dimensions.

The length of speed workout sleds tends to be around 20″ to 27″ (50.08 cm to 68.58 cm). Of the models below, the average length is 24.45″ (62.1 cm).

An exception to this on the list is the Titan Fitness Low Bar with a length of 36″ (91.44 cm).

Next, most speed workout sleds are between 15″ and 17″ (38.1 – 43.18 cm) in terms of width.

Again, the Titan Fitness Low Bar is the exception with a width of 24.5″ (62.23 cm).

The average width of the speed workout sleds on this list is 16.38″ (41.61 cm).

When it comes to the height of speed workout sleds most options are between 8″ and 10″ (20.32 – 25.4 cm).

For speed workout sleds, this is generally how high the pole for weight plates reaches. Here, the average height is 9.92″ (25.2 cm).

Lastly, the median dimensions of the speed workout sleds on this list are 23.75″ (60.33 cm) in length, 15.5″ (39.37 cm) in width, and 8.25″ (20.96 cm) in height.

Brand ModelLength (In)Width (In)Height (In)
Rage Fitness26.516.508
Bluedot Trading23.515.008.5
Titan Fitness2416.0018
Titan Fitness Low Bar3624.508
Table with speed workout sled dimensions

How much space do you need for a weight sled?

The dimensions of the workout sleds are mostly relevant for storing the equipment options. To be able to use these, you need additional space too.

Of the above dimensions, the width will be the most useful to get a better idea of how much space you exactly need.

You need a strap of a suited surface with at least the width of the sled, preferably a bit bigger.

After that, how long this strap of space needs to be, depends on the sled and training goals. A prowler sled with heavy weights requires less space to get in an effective workout.

Something like 10 to 40 yards (9 to 36 meters) of space is generally enough for prowler workout sleds with extra weight plates on top.

You generally want more space when it comes to length for speed workout sleds.

This is both because of the focus on longer sprints with lower weights and because you walk/run a good amount in front of the sled.

For speed workout sleds you preferably want something like 50 yards (45.72 meters) or more. You could also work out on a shorter strip of space, this will still offer benefits.

However, a short distance will generally not take full advantage of the speed sled workout tool.

There are definitely more compact workout sled equipment alternatives in terms of dimensions required.

Even with that in mind, workout sleds can be a worthwhile investment for certain people and situations.

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