Average Yoga Mat Cost (From 92 Examples)

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Yoga mats can be useful for your yoga and other floor workouts but you may want to know what cost you should expect.

Of the 92 yoga mat models of 17 different brands I looked at, the average cost was $55.05.

You do want to keep in mind this average does not tell the complete story.

Even yoga mats from the same brand can vary a lot in price due to a variety of details.

There are plenty of yoga mats that cost around $20. On the other hand, there are also plenty of options around $80 and higher.

I will also go over the average prices for a few yoga mat brands and what features tend to influence the cost the most.

Average cost of a yoga mat

To get the average cost of $55.05, I looked at the prices of 92 yoga mat examples on Amazon.

The prices of yoga mats are often different per color or print. I used the lowest-cost options available in cases like this.

There are a variety of models around $20 but you should not expect the same quality of these as options around $80.

In what end of the range you want to be depends on details like your budget, preferences, and yoga habits.

Average cost of a yoga mat by brand

There are many brands that help you get the benefits of yoga more effectively, comfortably, and/or in style.

Some of these focus more on offering yoga mats at a budget-friendly cost whereas others really want to make a yoga mat that lasts for many years to come.

And even within the options the same brand offers, there are a good number of differences.

Yoga Mat BrandSnapshot of Average Price
Hugger Mugger$70.24
Jade Yoga$70.87
Snapshot of average cost of yoga mats by brand

Things that influence the cost of a yoga mat

Some of the differences in yoga mat costs are really considerable. You may wonder how this can be the case.

A few of these differences can really benefit your yoga workouts but others are more of a luxury.


One of the main things behind the differences between yoga mats is the material they are made of.

In turn, this influences important things like durability.

Pricier yoga mats are generally made for the more experienced yoga practitioner that does yoga very often or for a commercial setting where the yoga mat is constantly in use.

On the other hand, you could also be starting out and wanting to give yoga a try before deciding to implement this into your routine.

Another situation is that you do yoga but not that often. In these cases, a cheaper yoga mat may be sufficient.


Well-known yoga mat brands tend to be older or at least have built a reputation. You typically pay a higher cost for these things.

On the one hand, this can be worth your money if it involves longer warranties, better customer support, and an indication that you will get a good product with all of the positive reviews.

On the other hand, there are also yoga mat brands that offer good products but don’t have the reputation (yet).

Not going for options like these also helps you avoid newer brands that will not last a long time due to poor quality.

In general, the well-known brands are the safer option but you do pay an extra cost for this. Additionally, you miss out on certain lower-cost mats of good quality.

Sweat proof and anti-slip

Yoga may not be the hardest workout out there but it can still be intense. This can lead to sweating on the yoga mat and in turn make it more slippery.

Cheaper yoga mats often don’t offer any solution to this. That can lead to slipping, falling, and all the downsides that come with these things.

Some yoga mat materials make it so sweating on the yoga mat is not much of a problem.

The downside is that these types of materials often come at a higher cost.

Whether this is important to you will vary on things like your workout environment, body, type of yoga, and more.

Keep in mind that even if the yoga mat is made to be sweat-resistant. Using a yoga towel anyway can be a good idea in many situations.


Yoga mats come in different sizes. Taller individuals and certain types of yoga require a bit more room.

Larger yoga mats will be more expensive simply because they require more material to make.

That being said, sometimes you just need a larger yoga mat to get in a good workout.

If that is the case there is not really anything to do besides getting a bigger but pricier option.

Color and print

Yoga mats are a product that often comes in many different colors and prints.

Interestingly enough, the prices between these options can vary a good amount.

This is likely more due to stock control than actually being more expensive to make.

Even so, the reality is that you sometimes have to pay a higher cost to get the color or print you desire.

If you only care about getting in good yoga or other floor workouts, you would just choose the cheapest option.

On the other hand, investing a few dollars into your favorite color can also spice up your workout equipment collection.

Is it worth buying an expensive yoga mat?

Whether you should invest in a more expensive yoga mat ultimately depends on how much you value all the things above.

The more you use the yoga mat, the more surface space you need, the more you sweat, the more you care about eco-friendliness, and the more you care about color and print, the more it becomes worth buying a yoga mat with a higher cost.

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