4 Oatmeal Weight Loss Recipes

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Oatmeal can be a great addition to your weight loss diet. If you want some variation these 4 oatmeal weight loss recipes can help you out.

Whole grains and oatmeal in particular can be great for weight loss thanks to the fiber, micronutrients and medium amount of calories per 100 grams (compared to other whole foods).

Changing up what you eat with oatmeal can help you stick to eating it. These recipes can give you some ideas.

Different types of oatmeal

There are different types of oatmeal, you can also prepare this different types different ways.

First of all you have intact oats. The problem with these is that they take longer to prepare. Simplicity helps with sticking to your weight loss eating habits so these might not be a good idea.

Besides those you have rolled, steel-cut and crushed oats. These don’t really differ in anything besides texture. In this second group the most important thing is to stay away from brands that add all kinds of ingredients like sugar and other sweeteners.

Different ways to prepare oatmeal

There are 3 main ways to prepare oatmeal.

You can just eat it raw with some ingredients and yogurt or milk to make it less dry.

You can let the oatmeal sit with milk or yogurt for a while. The oats absorb the fluid. These are called overnight oats since you typically let them sit overnight.

The last way is to boil them together with water or milk. Since this last one is the base of a lot of oatmeal recipes it’s worth talking more in depth about how you do it.

The way you prepare oatmeal doesn’t really change how healthy it is. Only if you add milk you have a slightly different meal.

Different ways to prepare oatmeal

Preparation of cooked oatmeal

Cooked oatmeal is a part of many oatmeal recipes. Once you have this base it’s a matter of adding other ingredients to finish off the recipe.

There are different ways to prepare oatmeal but this is one of the easier ones.

Step 1 is to put your oats into a microwavable bowl together with milk and or water. You have to decide for yourself just how much (raw oats are about 389 calories per 100 grams of which 42.4 from fiber).

The ratio should be about 1:2 oatmeal:liquid. You can adapt this ratio to your liking.

After that you microwave the bowl for about 2 minutes.

and voila… It’s that simple.

The simplicity of preparing it is one of the reasons why oatmeal is such a great weight loss food. It’s healthy, it’s simple, and you can make it fairly tasty by adding some other ingredients.

Here are the 4 oatmeal recipes to help you discover the best ingredient combinations.

1. The lemon-blueberry

This oatmeal weight loss recipe is for people who don’t mind a touch of sour. You start with the cooked oatmeal base.

The key extra ingredients of this oatmeal recipe are lemon juice/lemon slices, 3 tablespoons fresh blueberries and one teaspoon mascarpone cheese.

If you want to add an extra touch on top of that you can add two teaspoons of sliced toasted almonds. Just keep in mind that almonds, even though they contain a lot of micronutrients, are fairly high in calories per 100 grams.

lemon-blueberry oatmeal recipe

2. The goat Shepherd

This oatmeal weight loss recipe is for people who are looking for a more hearty breakfast. Again, the cooked oatmeal is the base of choice.

This recipe replaces the cup of milk of the base oatmeal with a cup of olive oil. Add half a cup of sliced cremini mushrooms and 2 cups of crumbled goat cheese.

You can still add 2 tablespoons of milk if that is a taste requirement for you.

3. The full breakfast experience

This oatmeal weight loss recipe combines all the classic parts of a breakfast in a surprisingly tasty mix.

Start with the cooked oatmeal base. After that the magic can begin. Add half an ounce of pancetta or another type of ham. Next we have 2 tablespoons of black coffee, 2 tablespoons of tomato juice, 1 fried egg and some black pepper to finish it off.

Some people just can’t get this down in the morning and others can’t stop eating it. Give it a shot to see in which group you are.

4. The Greek morning

This oatmeal weight loss recipe incorporates Greek yogurt in the mix.

On top of the cooked oatmeal base you can add a tablespoon of orange juice, 2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt, a dash of saffron, a tablespoon of chopped pistachios and a tablespoon of chopped dried figs.

One thing is certain, you won’t feel hungry after a breakfast like this.

Greek morning oatmeal recipe

How do you lose weight eating oatmeal?

Losing body fat is the result of using more energy in the form of calories than you absorb from your food.

That means that a lot of factors influence weight loss.

Oatmeal is mainly helpful for losing weight because it fills you pretty well without adding too many calories to your diet. By replacing unhealthy options with oatmeal you will most likely automatically consume less calories.

Can you eat oatmeal for dinner to lose weight?

Yes, you can also eat oatmeal for dinner to lose weight. Some recipes will be more favored for dinner than others but in the end oatmeal is still oatmeal.

The calories in oats do come from carbohydrates which raise your insulin. Insulin in turn can disrupt the production of certain sleep hormones. Sleep quality is important for both health and weight loss.

This means that preferably you want to eat your oats as breakfast or lunch if you’re looking to lose weight.

Try them and get creative

Hopefully these x oatmeal recipes give you some ideas for great combinations. After you’ve tried them you can make your own combinations with your favorite fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Let me know your favorite combinations and maybe your recipe will be added to this list!

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