Bowflex C6 Vs Echelon EX3: Find The Best Choice

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The Bowflex C6 and Echelon EX3 are two indoor cycling bikes. Discover how they vary and what the best choice is for your personal situation.

Some of the main differences between the Bowflex C6 and the Echelon EX3 are that the Bowflex C6 has a higher weight limit, more resistance levels, a heavier flywheel, a longer workout app trial, more flexible Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in LCD screen, and longer warranties.

On the other side, the Echelon EX3 is initially just a bit more budget-friendly. This is without considering the shorter workout app trial and any potential subscription costs after.

If you are on a really tight budget and don’t plan to use any workout apps, you could consider the Echelon EX3.

That being said, you will likely prefer investing just a bit more into the sturdier frame, heavier flywheel, longer workout app trial, and longer warranties of the Bowflex C6.

Most important differences Bowflex C6 vs Echelon EX3

The Bowflex C6 and Echelon EX3 are different in many areas. This influences what exercise you will prefer the most.

Some of these differences are more important than others. In the first table below, you can find the ones that are most likely to influence your decision.

FeatureBowflex C6Echelon EX3
Weight Limit330 Pounds (149 kg)300 Pounds (136 kg)
Resistance Levels100 Levels32 Levels
Flywheel Weight40 Pounds (18.1 kg)28.7 Pounds (13 kg)
Workout Programs1-Year JRNY
Membership Included
Free 30-Day Echelon
Premier Membership Trial
Bluetooth ConnectivityYesYes But Only Connects
To Echelon App
Handlebar AdjustmentHeight & Fore/AftHeight Only
ScreenLCD Display With Speed, Time,
Distance, And Calories
Not Included
Warranties*10 Years Frame Warranty, 3 Years
Parts And Electronics Warranty,
And 1 Year Labor Warranty
12-Month Limited Parts
And Labor Warranty
Price Category**$$$$$
Check Current PriceCheck Current Price
Most important differences Bowflex C6 vs Echelon EX3

*Warranties can vary from seller to seller

**Price category at the time of writing

Other features Bowflex C6 and Echelon EX3

Before choosing either the Bowflex C6 or Echelon EX3 you may also want to see their smaller differences and common features.

FeatureBowflex C6Echelon EX3
Dimensions48.7″ L x 21.2″ W x 51.8″ H54″ L x 20″ W x 55″ H
Resistance TypeMagneticMagnetic
Position FlywheelFrontBack
Handlebar StyleElevated Bullhorn
With Comfort Features
Elevated Bullhorn
With Comfort Features
Adjustable SeatHeight & Fore/AftHeight & Fore/Aft
User Height Range54 to 78 Inches
(137.2 cm to 198 cm)
59 to 76 Inches
(150 cm to 193 cm)
Heart Rate MonitorBluetooth Heart Rate Armband
Sometimes Included
Display On App With Your
Own Bluetooth Measuring Device
Device HolderYesYes
Device Holder Size CapacityNot Specifically Mentioned5.5″ – 12.9″
Adjustable Device HolderNoFlips 180 Degrees
Weight106 lbs (48 kg)104 lbs (47 kg)
PedalsDual-Sided with Toe Cage
& SPD-Compatible Clips
Dual-Sided with Toe Cage
& SPD-Compatible Clips
Transport WheelsYesYes
Seat/Saddle StyleVented CompetitionVented Competition
DumbbellsTwo 3-Pound (1.4 kg)
Dumbbells Included
Not Included
Color OptionsOne Color CombinationBlack, Red, And White
Bottle Holder2 Large2 Small
Check Current PriceCheck Current Price
Other features Bowflex C6 vs Echelon EX3

Differences Bowflex C6 vs Echelon EX3 explained in detail

Many people will be able to make a decision after looking at the main differences between the Bowflex C6 and Echelon EX3 and their prices.

That being said, you may be unsure about what certain features mean, why they matter, and to what extent they matter for your personal situation.

Resistance levels

Similar to other forms of workouts, exercise offer benefits because they make certain movements harder. By doing this, you start internal processes that can make you healthier and happier in the long term.

At the same time, you also don’t want to make these movements too challenging. This can reduce the quality of your workouts and potentially lead to injuries.

To be able to train at the right challenge level, stationary bikes typically offer one way or another to change the resistance levels.

The Bowflex C6 allows you to switch between 100 resistance levels. The Echelon EX3 has 32 different resistance levels.

This can mean a few different things. The Bowflex C6 may offer more challenging workouts, less challenging workouts, and/or offer more precise resistance adjustments than the Echelon EX3.

Since customers don’t really mention anything about the ranges of the Echelon EX3 being too easy or too hard, it is likely mostly the case that the Bowflex C6 offers more precise adjustments.

Winner: Bowflex C6

Flywheel weight

A flywheel of an indoor cycling bike is the rotation disk on which the resistance mechanism typically works. This part can vary between models in many areas including total weight.

The Bowflex C6 has a flywheel weight of 40 pounds (18.1 kg). The flywheel of the Echelon EX3 is a good amount lighter at 28.7 pounds (13 kg).

Generally, people prefer heavier flywheels. Because they are heavier, they build up more momentum. In turn, this keeps the flywheel turning more smoothly when/if you don’t apply optimal pressure to the pedals.

Heavier flywheels are also a tiny bit harder to get and keep going. However, this is only a small effect due to the extra momentum you get.

In any case, the flywheel of the Bowflex C6 is a good amount heavier than the flywheel of the Echelon EX3. Most people will prefer the Bowflex bike in this area.

Winner: Bowflex C6

Bluetooth connectivity

Besides the obvious difference in workout program trials in the advantage of the Bowflex C6, there is also an important difference in terms of the Bluetooth connectivity.

It is true that both the Bowflex C6 and Echelon EX3 have Bluetooth connectivity. However, the things you can do with it vary.

Bowflex would obviously prefer it if you kept using their JRNY Membership but the C6 also works with other workout apps like Peloton and Zwift.

On the other hand, the Echelon EX3 only connects to the Echelon Premier Membership. In turn, you can sync some workout statistics with a few other apps but this is not ideal.

For example, it looks like you currently have to manually select each separate workout if you want to transfer their data to some of these other apps.

If you only plan to use the Echelon Premier Membership, this is not the biggest issue. Additionally, you can still use the Echelon EX3 without the premium version of the app.

That being said, many people will prefer the flexibility of the Bluetooth connectivity of the Bowflex C6.

Winner: Bowflex C6


When it comes to features, the Bowflex C6 is generally better than the Echelon EX3. However, when choosing a good stationary bike, the price often matters too.

Exactly how much these exercise bikes vary in this area depends on where you get them and can change over time. That being said, at the time of writing, the Echelon EX3 is just a bit more budget-friendly but not by that much.

Additionally, you want to keep in mind that the Echelon EX3 comes with a shorter workout app trial and that this option is not flexible when it comes to what other workout apps you can use.

You can still use the Echelon EX3 without the premium version of the app but it is something to keep in mind.

Winner: Echelon EX3 (at least in the initial investment)

User reviews

When comparing the Bowflex C6 and Echelon EX3, the features and prices give you a good idea about what option is the best for you.

Even so, sometimes customer reviews uncover unexpected downsides and trends in quality control issues.

In the case of the Bowflex C6 vs the Echelon EX3, both exercise bikes have a few quality control issues here and there as you can expect from most big cardio machines.

That being said, things like fast wear and tear and Bluetooth connection errors are a bit more common in the Echelon EX3.

Customers still tend to be very happy overall with both exercise bikes but the Bowflex C6 currently does better than the Echelon EX3 in this area.

Is the Bowflex C6 or Echelon EX3 right for you?

In short, the Bowflex C6 is sturdier, has more resistance levels, a heavier flywheel, a longer workout app trial, more flexible Bluetooth connectivity, height & fore/aft handlebar adjustability, a built-in screen, and longer warranties.

The main benefit of the Echelon EX3 is that it is just a bit more budget-friendly initially. However, this is without considering the workout app trials and subscription costs after that.

Individuals who don’t plan to use any workout apps and are on a very tight budget could consider the Echelon EX3.

However, most people want to invest just a bit more into the Bowflex C6 with its sturdier frame, built-in monitor, heavier flywheel, and longer workout app trial.

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