Powertec Leg Press In-Depth Review

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Powertec is a fitness brand with a variety of products. This review goes over one of their most popular options, the Powertech leg press.

A leg press machine allows you to train your leg without engaging your lower back too much. The Powertech model is one of the top options when it comes to this type of fitness equipment.

Powertec leg press review in short

With 1000 pounds (453.92 kg) load limit, smooth usage, 4 safety levels, and all the other features, the Powertec leg press is a great option.

On top of that, Powertec offers this machine at competitive pricing.

One downside is that the assembly of this leg press machine requires some focus.

That being said, Powertec is definitely one of the top options when it comes to at-home leg press machines.


  • Load limit of 1000 pounds (453.92 kg)
  • Sturdy machine
  • Functions smoothly
  • Good price value
  • 4 adjustable seat angle settings
  • Powder coating against scratching
  • 4 safety levels
  • Compact


  • Some users find the machine assembly challenging
  • Platform needs to be lowered a bit to load and unload plates on the lower holders


Starting Weight (Unloaded)60 lbs (27.22 kg)
Weight Capacity1000 Pounds (453.92 kg)
How To Add WeightsStandard 2-Inch Weight Plates
Recommended User HeightBetween 4’9″ and 6’3″ (144 cm and 190.5 cm)
Foot Platform Size29″ x 22″ (73.66 cm x 55.88 cm)
Adjustable Seating4 Adjustment Settings
Dimensions79″ L x 36.6″ W x 54″ H
(200.66 cm x 92.96 cm x 137.16 cm)
Weight Without Plates258 lbs (117 kg)
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Powertec leg press specifications

Weight capacity

The main goals of leg press machines like the Powertech are to help you build muscle strength, endurance, mass, etc. To achieve these goals you have to engage your muscles so they get damaged enough.

This may sound counterintuitive but this damaging makes it so your body repairs these muscles, and adds a bit more to be better prepared to exert similar efforts in the future.

If you stick to exercises with the same weight, as your muscles become stronger this same effort may not damage your muscles enough to promote extra muscle growth.

By adding extra resistance to the leg press movement with this machine you are better able to damage the muscles in a shorter amount of time.

Even for individuals who make a lot of progress, the 1000-pound (453.92 kg) load limit of the Powertec leg press machine tends to be more than enough.

If you do need a higher load limit than that, you will generally have a harder time finding a good leg press machine. Most models just do not go any higher than this.

Adding weights

The Powertec leg press starts at 60 lbs (27.22 kg) when unloaded. To get to the above-mentioned load limit you then have to add extra weight.

With the Powertec leg press, this happens by hanging standard 2-inch weight plates on the separate holders. Once these are in position you can use the included weight locks to keep the weight plates there.

There are 4 weight plate holders in total on two stories. One downside of the Powertec leg press machine is that you have to lower the foot platform a few levels to be able to add weight plates to the lower two plate holders.

This is not the biggest problem but it does require you to start your set with folded legs. Some people find this suboptimal.


One of the main goals Powertec has with this leg press machine is offering an option that is able to fit in more medium-small-sized home gyms.

Dimensions of 79″ L x 36.6″ W x 54″ H (200.66 cm x 92.96 cm x 137.16 cm) mean that you do need some amount of room but all in all this is reasonably compact.

Additionally, this leg press machine has a foot platform of 29″ x 22″ (73.66 cm x 55.88 cm). This is large enough for leg presses with one and two legs and calf raises.

You can vary your foot position somewhat but the platform of the Powertec leg press machine is also not huge to keep the total width under control.

Customer support mentions that all of these dimensions make the leg press machine suited for individuals between 4’9″ and 6’3″ (144 cm to 190.5 cm).

Platform bearing

The weight platform follows the steel bars with nylon-reinforced wheels. This results in a smooth and stable leg press experience.

Customers are often pleasantly surprised just how comfortable using this machine is. Some people find it comes close to the quality of commercial options.


The Powertec leg press machine is adjustable in two key areas.

First of all, there are 4 safety catches. One at the bottom and three levels at the top. At the bottom, the back pad of the seat can be adjusted to 4 different angles.

The number of adjustability settings of the Powertec is nothing crazy but is generally enough to offer you a comfortable and safe workout.

Customer reviews

Going over all of the features of leg press machines is helpful but something to keep in mind is that some brands don’t deliver well on their promises.

However, in the case of the Powertec leg press, customers tend to be very happy with their purchases.

Two points of improvement that appear here and there in customer reviews are the assembly manual that can be made a bit clearer and a way to load the bottom weight plate holders while the platform is at the higher settings.

Aside from these, the overall customer reviews of the Powertec leg press are extremely positive. Many users enjoy the smooth movements and compactness of the machine.

Especially for the relatively low price, this leg press machine is a nice surprise.

Is the Powertec leg press worth it?

The Powertec leg press machine is relatively compact but you do need a bit of extra free room. If that is the case and you are interested in a leg press machine, the Powertec is definitely worth it and one of the top options.

Something where the Powertec model stands out is the relatively low price compared to other quality leg press machines.

At the same time, you still get smooth usage, a high weight capacity, an adjustable seat, and the other helpful options in this gym machine for leg training.

Two points of improvement are the assembly guide and the fact that you have to lower the platform to load the lower weight plate holders.

If you don’t mind these things too much, the Powertec model is generally worth it for individuals who are looking to invest in a leg press machine.

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