Average Safety Squat Bar Weight (21 Examples)

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The unusual features of safety squat bars also come with weight differences. Discover how much these weigh on average and per brand.

I looked at 21 safety squat bars for this article and calculated that their average weight was 51.67 pounds (23.43 kg).

Additionally, these safety squat bars had a median weight of 55 pounds (24.94 kg).

More generally, safety squat bars will typically weigh somewhere around 44 to 65 pounds (19.95 – 29.48 kg).

Since this is still a relatively big range, you may want to check out the individual SSB models, their weights, and their weight capacities in the table below too.

How much do safety squat bars weigh?

Most safety squat bars will look similar but they can still vary in weight due to differences in material choices, construction, and exact size.

You can find a collection of most of the safety squat bar models and brands available in the table below.

Besides their weights in lbs and kg and their weight capacities, you can also click the product name to discover where you can get the safety squat bar.

As mentioned, the average weight of the safety squat bars on this list is 51.67 pounds (23.43 kg) and the median weight is 55 pounds (24.94 kg).

Interestingly enough, even when taking this above-average weight into account, safety squat bars are harder than barbell back squats.

Brand ModelWeight in LbsWeight in KgCapacity in LbsCapacity in Kg
Titan Fitness Safety Squat Olympic Bar6127.661500680.27
Bells Of Steel The SS3 Safety Squat Bar47.521.541500680.27
EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar6529.48800362.81
Kabuki Strength The Transformer Bar5524.941500680.27
Vulcan Strength Safety Squat Bar5524.94750340.14
SB-1 – Rogue Safety Squat Bar7031.751000453.51
Black Widow Training Gear Safety Squat Bar44.0019.95650.00294.78
Titan Fitness Marrs-Bar™6429.021200544.22
Ader Safety Squat Olympic Bar5926.761000453.51
Synergee Olympic Safety Squat Bar55.124.991000453.51
Gopher Cambered “Safety Squat” Bar6027.211000453.51
PRx Safety Squat Bar6529.481200544.22
TDS Safety Squat Bar6529.481000453.51
Gronk Fitness Safety Squat Bar4520.411000453.51
BotaBay Safety Squat Bar4419.95700317.46
RitFit Safety Squat Bar4419.73700317.46
Popsport Fitness Safety Squat Olympic Bar9.54.31700317.46
HVUE Olympic Safety Squat Bar9.54.311000453.51
American Barbell Safety Squat Bar5324.04nn
Edge Fitness Systems Yoke Safety Squat Bar4520.41nn
Power Lift Usa Safety Squat Bar7031.75nn
Table with safety squat bar weights and weight capacities (lbs and kg)

Interesting safety squat bar weight mentions

The first interesting models are the SB-1 – Rogue Safety Squat Bar and the Power Lift Usa Safety Squat Bar. These are the heaviest safety squat bars with a weight of 70 pounds (31.75 kg).

On the other side, there are the Popsport Fitness Safety Squat Olympic Bar and HVUE Olympic Safety Squat Bar which mention the weirdly low weight of 9.5 pounds (4.31 kg).

If these last two mentioned weights are accurate, this is somewhat concerning if you value sturdiness.

It is possible that the safety squat bar you have available is not in the table above. In that case, you likely want to ask the owner about this to get the full benefits of safety squat bars.


Is the safety squat bar heavier?

Most safety squat bars are heavier than regular barbells.

How much does a safety squat bar weigh in kg?

With the data from 21 safety squat bar models, I calculated an average weight of 23.43 kg and a median weight of 24.94 kg.

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