Sole F63 Vs Horizon 7.0: Which Is Better?

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The Sole F63 and Horizon 7.0 are two similar at-home treadmill models. How do they compare in the most important features?

Sole Fitness and Horizon are two relatively well-known brands that offer a variety of treadmills. Two of these include the Sole F63 and the Horizon 7.0.

There are a variety of small differences between the two models but some of the most important ones include their motor power and treadmill roller sizes.

The stronger motor of the Horizon 7.0 will generally be the better choice for heavier individuals or people who want to implement a relatively intense workout program on their treadmill.

If you do not fall in these categories, the bigger treadmill rollers of the Sole F63 could last longer and offer more comfortable runs or walks.

However, the effects of the interaction between treadmill rollers, motor, and belt are not always predictable for all users and all workout plans. For that reason, many people want to lean toward the Horizon 7.0 anyway.

The close differences between the two make it so any temporary deals could justify choosing one or the other for many individuals.

This article will also go over some of the other differences between the Sole F63 and the Horizon 7.0, some commonalities, and in what situations the differences between the two matter the most.

Most important differences Sole F63 vs Horizon 7.0

The Sole F63 and Horizon 7.0 are different treadmill models from different brands. This makes it so they have a wide variety of differences.

Not all of these differences are that important. In the first table below you can see some of the most important features when it comes to investing in a treadmill.

FeatureSole F63Horizon 7.0
Motor2.5 CHP (3 HP) Motor3.0 CHP Motor
Rollers2.5″2.36″ and 1.81″
Dimensions82” L x 35” W x 66” H76.5” L x 36” W x 59” H
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Most important differences Sole F63 vs Horizon 7.0

Other features Sole F63 and Horizon 7.0

There are many other features besides the ones above. For some of these, the Sole F63 and the Horizon 7.0 are similar, for others they are also different.

FeatureSole F63Horizon 7.0
Screen6.5″ LCD7″ LCD Screen
Step on Height8″8.63″
Belt2-ply1.6mm, Silicone
Workout Programs10 Programs Total7 Programs Total
Weight Limit325 pounds (147.42 kg)325 pounds (147.42 kg)
Running Belt 20″ x 60″20″ x 60″
Speed0.5-12 mph (19.31 kmh)0.5-12 mph (19.31 kmh)
Decline/Incline Options0 – 15%0 – 15%
Incline Panel ControlsYesYes
WarrantyFrame – Lifetime, Motor – Lifetime, Deck
electronics/wear items – 3 years, labor – 1 year
Frame – Lifetime, Motor – Lifetime,
Parts – 3 years, Labor 1 year
CushioningCushion Flex Whisper Deck3-Zone Variable Response
Weight254 pounds (115.21 kg)253 pounds (114.76 kg)
Rollers2.5″Front/Back 2.36″/1.81″
Bluetooth Audio CapabilitiesYesYes
AudioSound System IncludedSpeakers Included
Workout FansFan IncludedFan Included
Dimensions82” L x 35” W x 66” H76.5” L x 36” W x 59” H
Motor2.5 CHP (3 HP)3.0 CHP
Heart Rate MonitorPulse Grips & Chest Strap
Compatible (sometimes included)
Contact Hand Grips,
Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible Receiver
Tablet HolderYesYes
Check Current PriceCheck Current Price
Other features Sole F63 vs Horizon 7.0

Some differences Sole F63 vs Horizon 7.0 more in-depth

Seeing the differences between the Sole F63 and the Horizon 7.0 in a table is definitely a helpful start.

That being said, some of the differences deserve a bit more explanation in the sense of for what type of people the differences matter in what ways. This can help you make a better decision between these two treadmills.


First of all, the Sole F63 has a 2.5 CHP (3 HP) Motor vs the 3 CHP Motor of the Horizon 7.0. While the Sole F63 does like to emphasize their 3 HP motor, this is not of the same strength as a 3 CHP.

The Continuous Horse Power means the motor of the Horizon 7.0 is able to exert that force over a longer amount of time. How strong you want your treadmill motor depends on a few things.

First of all, there is how much the users weigh. Both models have a user weight limit of 325 pounds (147.42 kg) but there are still many differences up to that number.

The heavier the individuals, the stronger you want your motor to be. Both for performance and durability.

Another question is how often the treadmills will be used. Not just by you, but also by any family or friends, or in a commercial gym, customers.

Next, how long will the treadmills be used at a time? If you are training for a marathon and you will let the treadmill motor run for two hours, you generally want to go for stronger models.

Another important difference is walking vs running and whether you do this at an incline or decline. As you can expect, running at the steepest settings will generally require more motor power.

Both of these motors can be strong enough to sustain a jogging pace over a decent amount of time for a medium-low weight individual. The Horizon 7.0 is stronger than the Sole F63 in this area.

For certain individuals and training plans, this difference is strong enough to be the deciding factor.

Even though the weight limits are relatively high, if you are over 200 pounds and want to do some intense running on a treadmill, stronger models like for example the NordicTrack commercial series are likely a better choice.

Winner: Horizon 7.0

Roller size

Treadmill rollers are the cylinders that turn with the treadmill belt on each end. As you can see in the comparison table, these come in different sizes.

The Sole F63 comes with 2.5″ rollers. On the other hand, the Horizon 7.0 comes with a 60 mm (2.36″) and 46 mm (1.81″) roller. Typically bigger treadmill rollers tend to be better for a few reasons.

First of all, bigger rollers tend to cause less wear on the running belt and motor. Additionally, with larger rollers there tends to be less treadmill belt slipping and they are generally stronger.

On the other hand, your treadmill motor needs to be strong enough to handle the bigger roller size.

The Sole F63 does have a larger roller size but the performance of this feature depends on the interaction between motor and roller size.

In terms of roller size, the Sole F63 wins but it is hard to predict how this will influence performance in combination with the motor for different users and workout plans.

Winner: Sole F63


There are some small differences between the treadmill dimensions and of the Sole F63 and Horizon 7.0.

The Sole F63 is about 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) longer and 7 inches (17.78 cm) higher. On the other hand, the Horizon 7.0 is 1 inch (2.54 cm) wider.

These are relatively small differences in dimensions. For most people, these won’t matter too much but for certain smaller home gyms, the smaller size of the Horizon 7.0 does make a difference.

Winner: Horizon 7.0 (Relatively small differences)


The differences between the Sole F63 and the Horizon 7.0 are relevant to certain users but not too different. This reflects in their price.

The exact price differences depend on where you buy your models and vary over time. However, at the time of writing, these treadmills come at a very similar price on most sites.

Winner: None (currently similar on most sites, can vary over time)

User reviews

Generally, looking at the differences in features offers the most objective comparison, especially when comparing two models of the same company and product line.

Sometimes it can be helpful to check out the specific reviews too. In the case of the Sole F63 and Horizon 7.0 the reviews are very similar.

Users are generally very happy with their machine when the treadmill works as desired. There are a few cases with typical shipping issues and some technical difficulties with certain parts and features of the treadmill.

The reviews often describe that the warranties are respected by both companies but that the delivery of spare parts and repairs can take some time.

That being said, overall the reviews of the Sole F63 and Horizon 7.0 are still relatively positive for the price level.

Is the Sole F63 or Horizon 7.0 the best option for you?

Which of these two models is the best treadmill for you ultimately depends on things like how much you value the differences, the current price deals, how often the treadmill will be used, by who the treadmill will be used, etc.

For individuals who tend to be on the heavier side or want to run longer and faster, the stronger motor of the Horizon 7.0 is likely the better choice.

This option also has a slightly bigger screen but almost to an irrelevant extent.

For individuals with a low body weight who want to jog at a light pace or walk at home, the bigger rollers of the Sole F63 may last longer and offer a more comfortable run.

However, it is hard to predict the effect of the interaction between roller size and motor power for different individuals and workout plans.

If your body weight is a bit higher and/or you want to implement a really intense workout plan on the treadmill, treadmills with stronger motors may be an even better choice if you have the budget.

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