How Many Steps Are In A Floor On The StairMaster

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StairMasters often display your performance in terms of how many floors you climbed. Find out how many steps there are in different floor counts.

First of all, the basic answer is that most StairMasters count one floor as 16 steps.

That being said, smaller models like the StairMaster SM3 count one floor as 22 steps due to the lower height of each step.

This article will also go over how high one StairMaster floor is, how long it can take to cover this distance, the steps in different floor counts, and more.

Steps in a floor on the StairMaster

As mentioned, most StairMasters will consider 16 steps to be one floor.

The steps of these StairMaster models tend to be 8 inches (20.32 cm) high.

With this, you can calculate that one StairMaster floor is about 10 feet 8 (= 3.25 meters = 128 inches) high.

A StairMaster 8 Series Gauntlet has a step rate of 24-162 steps per minute. At these speeds, it will take about 6 to 40 seconds to climb a floor.

The StairMaster SM3 is one of the smaller models with steps that are only 6 inches (15.24 cm) high. To take this into account, a floor on this machine is 22 steps.

This comes down to a height of about 11 feet (= 3.35 meters = 132 inches) per floor on the SM3.

With a step rate of 26 to 162 steps per minute, it takes between 9 and 51 seconds to climb a floor (or flight if you prefer to call it this way).

Steps in different floor counts

To make things even easier, you can find a table with the number of steps in different StairMaster floor counts for different models.

You can use these numbers to track your workouts more accurately and/or set specific training goals.

Number Of FloorsNumber Of Steps On
Most StairMasters
Number Of Steps On
StairMaster SM3
1 Floor16 Steps22 Steps
10 Floors160 Steps220 Steps
50 Floors800 Steps1100 Steps
100 Floors1600 Steps2200 Steps
110 Floors1760 Steps2420 Steps
300 Floors4800 Steps6600 Steps
500 Floors8000 Steps11000 Steps
Steps in different StairMaster floor counts

How many floors is 1000 steps on the StairMaster

Some people are also interested in the reverse, how many StairMaster floors certain amounts of steps come down to. You find these numbers for different step counts in the table below.

Number Of StepsNumber Of Floors On
Most StairMasters
Number Of Floors On
StairMaster SM3
50 Steps3.13 Floors2.27 Floors
100 Steps6.25 Floors4.55 Floors
500 Steps31.25 Floors22.73 Floors
1000 Steps62.5 Floors45.45 Floors
2000 Steps125 Floors90.91 Floors
How many StairMaster floors certain step counts are

How many floors on the StairMaster is a good workout?

What counts as a good workout, no matter whether it is on the StairMaster or with a different exercise, depends on things like your fitness level and training goals.

Let’s say you consider 25 minutes of moderate pace (around 93 steps per minute) StairMaster climbing a good workout. In that case, about 145 StairMaster floors would be a good workout.

That being said, there are definitely also other good StairMaster workouts with different time periods and/or speeds.

For example, you could be able to do 100 floors at a faster speed to get the good effects of StairMasters to a similar extent.


How high is a step on a StairMaster?

The steps of most StairMasters will be 8 inches (20.32 cm) high. The smaller StairMaster SM3 has steps that are 6 inches (15.24 cm) high.

Does StairMaster count as steps?

Your StairMaster sessions can definitely count as steps for your daily goals. That being said, fitness trackers do not always accurately count the StairMaster steps.

How many stairs are in a flight on StairMaster?

On most StairMasters, 16 stairs count as one flight. In smaller models with smaller steps like the SM3, 22 stairs count as one flight.

How many steps is 110 floors on the StairMaster?

110 floors on a regular StairMaster are about 1760 steps.

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