7 Benefits Of Buffalo & Duffalo Bars

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Bending a barbell may sound like much but buffalo and Duffalo bars offer some nice benefits. Discover what these are and whether they apply to you.

Buffalo bars are also known as bow bars and buffalo barbells.

The difference between the Duffalo bar and buffalo bars is that the Duffalo bar is one specific model from the Kabuki Strength brand. Buffalo barbells are the category name.

That being said, the benefits and downsides of these bars are very similar.

1. Buffalo and Duffalo bars offer a bigger range of motion

Two of the main exercises buffalo bars and the Duffalo bar are used for are the bench press and back squat. This first benefit applies to the bench press.

More specifically, you can lower your hands more in relation to your body thanks to the bent bars. The larger the bend of the buffalo bars, the more this is the case.

This can be useful since doing resistance training exercises with a bigger range of motion is typically beneficial for muscle growth and strength results

In simpler words, buffalo and Duffalo bars could help you get slightly more results out of your bench press sessions.

You could also use something like dumbbells to get this bigger range of motion. At the same time, some people will still prefer the Duffalo bar because it is a more stable load.

Something else worth noting is that the bigger range of motion can be a downside. People who have shoulder issues may want to keep their bench press movements smaller.

2. Buffalo and Duffalo bars can be more comfortable

You will find that buffalo and Duffalo bars can be more comfortable in certain exercises. More specifically, in exercises like the back squat and good morning.

In a regular barbell back squat, you have to turn your shoulders a decent amount to keep the bar in position. Some people will find this position uncomfortable.

On the other hand, the bend in buffalo and Duffalo bars requires this to a lesser extent.

Some people will find this benefit more relevant than others. For the right individuals, the buffalo bar could be a worthwhile investment.

Additionally, the bend in the bar resembles the natural curvature of the human upper back more than a regular barbell.

Again, this could benefit how comfortable your back squats and good mornings are.

Lastly, some people find the curve more comfortable on their wrists during the buffalo Duffalo bar bench press. However, this is not as common as the previous comfort improvements.

3. Buffalo bars may prevent wrist and shoulder injuries

This next aspect of buffalo and Duffalo bars is a secondary effect of the previous benefit.

Putting your shoulders and wrists at angles that are too uncomfortable during certain exercises can lead to injuries.

In turn, you can say that buffalo and Duffalo bars will help some people prevent injuries in these areas.

Something to keep in mind is that this positive impact is not the same for all exercises.

For example, in the back squat buffalo bars can benefit your shoulders. On the other hand, in the bench press, a buffalo bar could make shoulder issues worse.

4. There are multiple buffalo bar exercises

There are definitely exercise equipment options that are more versatile too but it is worth mentioning that you can use buffalo and Duffalo bars in a few different exercises.

These include weighted squats, bench presses, overhead presses, the good morning, lunges, Bulgarian split squats, etc.

It is true that being able to use a piece of fitness equipment is not the only detail that matters. How much it makes your workouts better matters too.

At the same time, being useful in multiple workout areas and muscle groups is still one of the benefits that can justify a higher price.

5. Buffalo and Duffalo bars add variety to your routine

The fundamental lifts with barbells and dumbbells are popular for good reasons but there are also cases where you consider adding some variety to your workouts.

First of all, you could simply enjoy the process of using different pieces of fitness equipment like buffalo and Duffalo bars.

Enjoying your workouts more is not just a benefit in itself. It could also help you stay more consistent with your workouts.

Secondly, sometimes working your muscles with slightly different movements can help you get over muscle mass and strength progress plateaus.

Buffalo and Duffalo bars are not the only options that offer this benefit but it does make them more attractive pieces of exercise equipment.

6. Buffalo and Duffalo bars can help with technique

One of the main technique details to pay attention to in the bench press exercise is the angle of your upper arms. More specifically, you want to keep these at angles of 45 degrees or less to your sides.

Some people find that buffalo bars naturally lead their upper arms to these angles.

This can help you reduce your shoulder injury risk during the bench press and make your chest muscle workouts more effective.

7. Buffalo bars train stabilization muscles a bit more

The slight bend in buffalo and Duffalo bars makes it so the weights swing around just a bit more than the barbell versions of exercises like bench presses and squats.

A result of this is that your stabilizing muscles have to work harder than usual. In turn, this can lead to more endurance improvements in these areas.

One thing to note is that this aspect of buffalo and Duffalo bars is not always a benefit. For certain training goals and situations, it can be a downside too.

For example, even when considering the slightly higher buffalo bar weights, you can likely lift slightly less total weight because of the instability of the bar.

This can lead to slightly less or slower muscle growth progress.

That being said, buffalo and Duffalo bars do not have the biggest effect in this area.

If you like this aspect, certain alternatives like dumbbells and/or cambered bars could be even better choices.

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