8 Buffalo Barbell Weights (Duffalo Bar Included)

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The non-standard design of buffalo barbells also includes different weights. Knowing what these are can help you train at the right challenge level.

You can describe the bent bars as buffalo barbells, bow bars, yukon bars, ox bars, Duffalo bars, etc. These are not always the exact same but have similar weights.

The average weight of the 8 buffalo barbells we looked at was 52 pounds (23.58 kg). These same buffalo barbells have the same 52 pounds (23.58 kg) as the median weight.

A popular example, the Duffalo Bar from Kabuki Strength, has a weight of 55 pounds (24.94 kg).

Most buffalo barbells will be somewhere between 45 and 56 pounds (20.41 – 25.4 kg) without weight plates. That means individual brands do have differences.

You can also find a table with 8 buffalo barbell brands below with their weights and capacities and where to find these options.

How much do buffalo barbells weigh?

Buffalo barbells are somewhat similar in terms of design and even weight but it can still be worth checking out the individual differences below.

This can help you get the buffalo barbell benefits to the optimal extent.

The first worthwhile mention from the table is the ROGUE CB-4 38MM Camber Bar which is the heaviest at 60 pounds (27.21 kg).

On the other hand, there is the Vulcan Strength Buffalo Barbell with the lowest weight at 45 pounds (20.41 kg).

As mentioned, these buffalo barbells have an average and median weight of 52 pounds (23.58 kg).

If your local gym has a buffalo barbell that is not on the list it could be worth asking one of the employees about its weight. You don’t want to overdo it in exercises like buffalo Duffalo bar squats.

Brand ModelWeight in LbsWeight in KgCapacity in LbsCapacity in Kg
Titan Fitness Yukon Bar5625.401500680.27
Strongarm Buffalo Bar 2.05022.681500680.27
Fringe Sport Longhorn Buffalo Bar4620.86800362.81
Kabuki Strength Duffalo Bar5524.941500680.27
Vulcan Strength Buffalo Barbell4520.41800362.81
Ader Sporting Goods Olympic Ox Bar5223.58600
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ROGUE CB-4 38MM Camber Bar6027.21nn
TDS Mega Bow Bar5223.58605
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Table with buffalo and Duffalo bar weights and weight capacities (lbs and kg)
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