4 EZ Curl Bar Exercises For A Bigger Chest

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You typically use an EZ curl bar for biceps and triceps but you have other options. Find out what EZ curl bar exercises can work your chest.

Something to note first is that EZ curl bars are not the strongest specialty barbells in the gym. More experienced lifters may find their capacity too limited for the relatively strong chest muscles.

Additionally, the curves from the EZ curl bar may not always be a benefit in these movements. You could prefer a regular barbell or other equipment instead.

That aside, the exercises below could still help you grow bigger and/or stronger chest muscles.

1. EZ curl bar bench press

People who are more familiar with the fitness world have likely heard about the bench press exercise.

To do this movement, you will need a weight bench and an EZ curl bar rack on top of your EZ curl bar with weight plates. Additionally, having a spotter can be helpful.

Once you have the requirements, take the following steps to do an EZ curl bar bench press:

  1. Load up the EZ curl bar with the desired amount of weight.
  2. Lie down with your back on the weight bench, pull your shoulder blades back and down, and place your hands with an overhanded grip on the EZ curl bar at about shoulder width.
  3. Unrack the EZ curl bar and keep your arms slightly less than stretched and pointing up.
  4. Slowly lower the EZ curl bar to your chest. Your upper arms should be at an angle of about 45 degrees or less to your sides.
  5. Push the EZ curl bar back up in the position of step 3 in a controlled motion.

Doing the bench press with different hand positions will influence what muscles you mainly target. With your hands at about shoulder width, you will focus on your chest, tricep, and front deltoid muscles.

On the flip side, with your hands closer to each other the bench press becomes more of an EZ curl bar tricep exercise.

With a FID weight bench (flat, incline, decline), you can also change the angle of the bench press to work certain parts of your chest muscles to larger extents.

Putting the bench more incline, so that your upper body is higher than your lower body, engages your upper chest more. An EZ curl bar bench press with a more decline bench will focus more on your lower chest muscles.

2. EZ curl bar pullover

The standard version of this next exercise is the dumbbell pullover but if your only option is an EZ curl bar, you can use this type of fitness equipment too.

Besides that, you also preferably want a flat weight bench. Once you have the required gear, take the following steps to do an EZ curl bar pullover:

  1. Lie on a weight bench with your head on the end of the bench. Hold an EZ curl bar with your hands at about shoulder width with an overhanded grip.
  2. Extend your arms upward until they are slightly less than stretched and point them up.
  3. Slowly move your arms back and down as far as comfortable. To engage your lower chest more instead of your back muscles bring your elbows closer to the center. Keep your arms slightly less than stretched throughout the movement.
  4. Move the EZ curl bar back to the position in step 2 in a controlled motion.

If you feel your lats (middle/upper back muscles) working harder than your lower chest muscles, your technique can likely use some improvement.

More specifically, to work your lower chest more, you want to make sure your elbows are close to the center.

Additionally, you don’t want to take any risks in terms of weight because of the position of the EZ curl bar. Start with light or no weight plates and build up from there if everything goes well.

3. EZ curl bar press-out

This next EZ curl bar chest exercise is one you can do without a weight bench but it also works your pectoral muscles to a lesser extent than the previous options.

Take the following steps to do an EZ curl bar press out:

  1. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and an EZ curl bar in your hands. Hold the bar overhanded with your hands about chest width apart.
  2. Lift the barbell to chest height.
  3. Push the EZ curl bar away from you horizontally, so in a straight line forward, in a controlled motion until your arms are stretched.
  4. Return the EZ curl bar to your chest.

The EZ curl bar press-out will mainly work your front deltoids but you could get a small amount of upper chest engagement too.

Especially if you can tilt your upper body slightly back (or use an incline bench) in a safe way.

This exercise is an example of a movement where the EZ curl bar can be less comfortable than other fitness equipment.

4. EZ curl bar floor press

To do this last chest exercise with an EZ curl bar, all you need is the bar and enough weight plates. After that, take the following steps to do an EZ curl bar floor press:

  1. Load the EZ curl bar with enough weight.
  2. Sit on the floor with the EZ curl bar in your lap or against your chest.
  3. Pull your shoulder blades back and down and lie down on your back. At this point, the EZ curl bar should be above your chest and your upper arms should be at 45-degree angles to your side.
  4. Slowly push the EZ curl bar up until your arms are slightly less than stretched.
  5. Lower the EZ curl bar back into the position of step 3 in a controlled motion. Keep the angles of your upper arms in mind.

In simpler words, you can describe the EZ curl bar floor press as the bench press without a bench.

The floor version is generally less safe and less effective than the weight bench version.

However, if you lack equipment, this exercise could allow you to still work your chest, triceps, and front deltoids in one movement.

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