Average Cost Of A Treadmill (From 79 Examples)

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Treadmills are one of the top choices when it comes to cardio machines. Find out their average cost and what details influence this a lot.

First of all, of the 79 treadmill model examples we looked at, the average cost was $1348.05.

If you take out the popular, but pricey, peloton treadmill and Woodway curved treadmill this average cost already goes down to $1273.39.

Of course, there will still be a lot of differences between brands and models inside of this average. You can find many models for around $300 but also for around $1500.

What the best treadmill is for your situation will depend on how much you value the feature differences between all these price ranges.

In this article, you can also find the average prices for a few treadmill brands and some reasons for all these cost differences.

Average cost of a treadmill

We looked at the cost of 76 treadmill examples on a few different websites. The average cost of these treadmills was $1348.05.

As you can expect, there are still many differences in terms of cost and the features that come with them.

Details like weight capacity, motor capacity, size, speed capacity, and more often lead to differences.

There are a variety of models around $300 but these will obviously will not be the same quality as options around $1500.

Because of all the amazing benefits of treadmills, all of these price ranges have their target audiences that could like them.

Average cost of a treadmill by brand

While this says nothing about the quality these brands offer, it can still be interesting to see the average treadmill cost by brand.

Keep in mind that some of these focus more on the low-cost aspect and less on the quality.

On the flip side, there are definitely also treadmill brands that focus on getting their customers a premium experience that not everyone needs.

Again, even within the collection of a treadmill brand, there are differences in costs.

Treadmill BrandSnapshot of Average Price
Sunny Health & Fitness$480.98
Sole Fitness$2024.99
Life Fitness$4040.62
Woodway curved$5950.00
Snapshot of average cost of treadmills by brand

Things that influence the cost of a treadmill

While they are also somewhat expected, treadmill cost differences of $1000+ could come as a surprise to you.

You may wonder whether these differences are important for your workouts or just something nice to have.

Below, you can find a few of the most common differences and when it can be worth investing more into them.

Treadmill weight capacity

The first and one of the most important facts about treadmills is their weight capacities, for what weight of individuals the machine is made.

This weight capacity is the result of details like the strength of the frame, power of the motor, and strength of support for features like the incline when relevant.

The average weight capacity of treadmills is around 309.32 pounds (140.28 kg).

You typically don’t want to take any risks with treadmills in this area and choose a model that should be able to hold all the users.

Additionally, a good weight capacity is an indication of the quality of the materials and construction.

Treadmill brand

Similar to many other products, you pay for treadmill brand names to some extent. This is not necessarily always a bad thing but still something to be aware of.

On the one hand, well-known brands tend to offer longer warranties, better customer service, and the knowledge that the 1000’s of customers that bought before you were at least somewhat satisfied.

On the other hand, only choosing well-known treadmill brands makes you miss out on upcoming brands that offer quality products but don’t charge premium prices (yet).

At the same time, there are also definitely newer treadmill brands that will not last a long time due to poor quality.

In general, the well-known brands are the safer option but you do pay an extra cost for this. Additionally, you miss out on certain lower-cost models of good quality.

Treadmill training programs and goals

Treadmills are not just flexible in that you can use them for both walking and running.

Even within these categories, you can choose many different speeds and with some treadmills even incline options.

What you prefer in these areas and what your training goals will influence how much of a treadmill cost you can justify.

If you plan to run at high speeds and like inclines/declines, you want to look for a treadmill with a high-speed capacity, many treadmill deck angles, a good amount of motor power, and potentially choose a model with a higher weight limit to make sure it will last.

On the other hand, if you plan to use your treadmill for walking, you can go for the opposite of these things to save some money.

Treadmill size

Different individuals run in different ways. The stride length of an individual at 6 feet (1.83 meters) will be longer than a 5-foot individual (1.52 meters).

A treadmill with a longer deck will require more material to build and in turn increase cost.

Even so, to be able to use your treadmill, this may be necessary if you are a taller person. For smaller individuals, a shorter and cheaper treadmill may be more than enough.

Besides just your length, the consistency of your running steps may also influence how much safety space you are interested in.

Treadmill control panel features

Treadmills can also vary a lot in terms of the control panels they come with. The size and features of these tend to influence cost a lot. Especially if you include the workout app subscriptions in this area.

In cheaper treadmills, the control panel features are often limited to selecting your speed and often a few training programs.

Besides the limited options, these can also be disappointing in the sense that your performance measurements can be hard to ready.

On the other hand, more luxury treadmills will sometimes include a big touch screen that allows you to select your favorite music, stream treadmill workouts, simulate the view of running outside, and much more.

This can make your workouts more fun and makes your workout tracking easier to read but does come at a cost.

Whether or not these are worth it to you depends on details like your budget, personal preferences, and treadmill workout style.

Something to keep in mind is that the bigger control panels with workout streaming often come at a monthly cost. Some customers mention this is not always clear at first.

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