7 Best Assault & Air Bike Alternatives

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Assault and air bikes can offer many benefits but you may want other options. What are some alternatives to assault and air bikes with similar benefits?

Assault, more generally known as air, bikes are a type of exercise bike with pedals and handles. The resistance against these parts comes from a fan that turns against air resistance.

This setup allows you to get in a good cardio workout while engaging both your legs and upper body. In turn, this means that assault bikes can help you improve cardiovascular health, burn calories, and offer other typical exercise benefits.

Whether you don’t like using an assault bike, you want a cheaper alternative to assault bikes, or you want an alternative for any other reason, these assault and air bike alternatives can help you train similar areas of your health.

Keep in mind that implementing these alternatives can offer benefits but like while using any exercise equipment, there is always some risk of injury. Make sure you use these equipment options in a safe way and if needed, get guidance from an expert.

1. Elliptical machine

The elliptical machine is a relatively popular cardio gym machine that can be a great alternative to air bikes or more specifically assault bikes.

Similar to these other machines, an elliptical machine engages both your legs and upper body during your cardio workout or warmup.

Using an elliptical machine may look a bit complicated at first but these cardio machines are actually very beginner-friendly.

You simply select your desired resistance, put your feet on the pads and hands on the handles. After that, you move forward with your feet and back and forth with your hands at your desired intensity.

There are also a few differences with assault bikes. First of all, the muscles elliptical machines engage to what extent are slightly different from air bikes.

Your glutes (butt muscles) will be able to go through a larger range of motion on the elliptical machine. Additionally, since you are standing up, your core muscles will have to work slightly harder to keep your body straight.

Cardio machines are not really made for building a lot of muscle but this difference can play a role in putting together the perfect workout plan.

Another difference is that elliptical machines are relatively quiet. This can make it a good substitute for an assault bike, which can be slightly noisier, if you live in an apartment where you have to consider neighbors on all sides.

One potential downside is that an elliptical machine does generally have a slightly higher price tag compared to many air bikes and some of the other alternatives on this list.

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2. Other exercise bike types

Something to remember is that air and fan bikes are not necessarily the same as assault bikes which are a specific brand name. If you are purely looking for an assault bike alternative you have many other air bike options.

Besides that, you also need to know that there are many different types of exercise bikes. Air bikes are just one of these.

All exercise bikes require you to pedal in some way or another but some options can be better than others depending on your personal situation and workout plans.

For example, there are dual action exercise bikes that do not have a fan for resistance. You still get both lower and upper body engagement but these are generally a cheaper and more silent alternative to assault and air bikes.

Besides that, you may not like the arm engagement, sound, or upright posture when using an air bike. In that case, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, and spin bikes may be a good substitute.

In general, air bikes and especially assault bikes can also be relatively pricey compared to the other exercise bike types.

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3. Rowing machine

A rowing machine is a gym machine that simulates the movement of rowing a boat. Similar to assault and air bikes this machine can offer you a great cardio workout or warmup while engaging both your upper body and legs.

In turn, that means that rowing machines can help you burn a lot of calories, strengthen your muscles, improve cardiovascular health, etc. All in the comfort of your own home or in the gym.

Rowing machines and air bikes have a lot in common. Both cardio machines engage your muscles in a similar ratio, have adjustable resistance, can be a bit noisy depending on the model, etc.

In terms of price, the difference depends a lot on what models you choose. Most rowing machines are a cheaper alternative to assault bikes specifically.

Other brands of air bikes vary a lot so it is not really possible to make any general comparison statements for these.

Something that can help you make a choice between rowing machines and air bikes is the amount of space required. In general, rowing machines require more space to use and store than assault and air bikes.

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4. Ski machine

Ski machines, also known as the brand name skierg, are not that popular but these machines can help you get in a good cardio workout or warmup.

These machines have two handles that you pull down with the help of your arms, upper back, and core.

While pulling these handles down, you also go through your knees which makes it so ski machines also engage your leg muscles to a certain extent.

Once the handles are as far down as desired, you slowly move your hands back up and stand up straight again. After that, you start back from step one.

In a certain way, the repetitions of ski machines look similar to a rowing machine but the direction of the pull and the position of your body is different.

One benefit of the ski machine is that it is a relatively compact air bike alternative horizontally speaking. This can make it more convenient to fit and store in your home gym.

A potential downside is that if you are looking for more full body cardio machines, ski machines are relatively focused on the upper body. Additionally, ski machines have a relatively high price tag.

Overall, whether you should use a ski machine instead of an assault or air bike is mostly a case of how much you want to use your lower body and personal preference.

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5. Vertical climber

Gym machines often try to simulate some real-life activity and this next assault bike alternative is no different. Using a vertical climber is similar to climbing an endless ladder.

The vertical climber is slightly more focused on engaging your muscles instead of fully focusing on a cardio workout but it definitely also offers you the option to strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Another difference with air bikes is that the vertical climber can be slightly harder on your knees.

Additionally, you need to use more balance and coordination on the vertical climber. This can be a benefit if you want to train these fitness components but also a downside if these things are a struggle point for you.

Besides these things, a vertical climber requires more vertical room but less horizontal room to use and store.

In terms of price, vertical climbers are generally a lot cheaper than assault and air bikes.

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6. Arc trainer

Some people confuse this next cardio machine with elliptical machines but arc trainers are a different piece of fitness equipment.

Arc trainers are made so your feet move in a more vertical, back-and-forth, motion instead of in circles like with the elliptical machine.

At the same time, these upper body cardio machines make your arms go in a similar motion as the elliptical machine, assault bikes, and air bikes.

This difference in foot movement mostly plays a role in terms of personal preference. All of these machines can help you do a great cardiovascular workout or warmup while engaging muscles all over your body.

Some downsides of arc trainers include that they are relatively expensive, require a lot of room, and are relatively hard to find online compared to assault and air bikes. Additionally, arc trainers are not that common in gyms.

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7. Free weights

Free weights are heavy pieces of fitness equipment that are not attached anywhere. Some examples of free weights include a barbell, medicine balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, weight plates, workout sandbags, wrist weights, etc.

These are a bit more unusual compared to the other assault and air bike alternatives on this list.

Free weights are definitely not an option in the sense that they will offer the exact same training. However, free weight workouts with lighter weights can definitely offer a good cardio workout or warmup.

Besides that, you can also use free weights to really see muscle growth in some of the body parts that air bikes only engage a small amount.

Additionally, free weights are extremely versatile. You don’t have to limit yourself to exercises that engage the same muscles as assault and air bikes.

Free weights also generally last an extremely long time. One dumbbell can potentially improve your workouts for many years and potentially even decades.

Lastly, many free weights do not really lose their value. This means that if you decide to stop using dumbbells or other free weights you can likely sell them for a very similar price as what you put into them.

Free weights can still be a bit pricey compared to certain air bikes or other alternatives on this list. But compared to assault bikes they are often cheaper or at least have a similar price.

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